Welcome to ExcelTnT.guru where you can find helpful tips and tricks using Excel.  I work in the application all day, ExcelWordCloudalmost every day.  While I don’t believe in calling myself an expert, I can move around pretty well.  What I don’t know, I try to learn and apply in my day to day work.  I hope you find the articles helpful to give a base understanding of the topics available.  If you have questions, please reach out and send me an email at ExcelTnT.

This site is not a forum for discussion, however, if you want to add some information to a topic or even offer an article, please get in touch with me.  I would be happy to allow the contributions and you will certainly get credit as author of the article.

I’ve found over my many years of working in Excel answers are everywhere on the internet.  I personally wanted a repository of those Excel tips and tricks I came across, which helped me in my day to day or on projects I was working.  If this can help others from beginning to novice, then the goal is two-fold.

This is not a fancy site – this is designed as a repository knowledge base for articles on tips and tricks mostly for Excel, Microsoft tidbits and other PC related stuff.  So – you can search the KB from the right sidebar or select the Knowledgebase link from the menu above.